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IDr. Ciapponi, Thank-you for working with me to make me a healthier person. I appreciate your interest and concern and the amount of time you take to listen to me. Your health recommendations have been very helpful!

LW 12/12/2023 (email)

I really trust working with you and appreciate that you don’t just give me a bunch of stuff to take. I am feeling better and my GI symptoms have improved.  

AP 1/13/2023

I appreciate your advice for the dermatologist side of caring for my skin during a flare-up. Thankfully my skin is in much better shape and I’m feeling good about continuing all you’ve recommended.  It’s really helping and for now, things are improving. 

I’m thankful you have taken the time to talk me through my questions over the phone. It means a lot and has really helped me continue to understand more as I heal.

AD 11/25/2022 (email)

“I am feeling better and have so much more energy. Thank-you.

SH 11/21/2022

“I’m finally on track with my “program” and doing well. I am already feeling better, so I’m excited to see what the next few weeks bring.

CP 3/30/2022 (email)

“What you recommended helped – I feel so much better!”

BM 8/91/2021

“Thank-you to opening my eyes to a holistic approach. You helped me get better and it was life changing!”

email CB 2/11/2021

“I feel so much better after making the changes you have suggested in spite of the recent stress. I fee less exhausted and much better physically. Thank-you.”

A.V. 12/4/20

“My GI issues are so much better! Your plan has been the key to my stomach staying better. All your recommendations are helping me including losing some belly weight. Many thanks.”

email on 11/12/20 C.K

“After coming to visit you for thyroid issues and implemented your recommendations, I started feeling so much better. Thank-you!”

10/5/2020 T.V.

“I am so thankful I saw you when I did because your protocol has helped get me through a very hard time. I know my body and hormone levels are not in great shape yet. However, if I was not following your protocol, I would be in worse shape for sure.”

R.C. email 3/3/20

“Thank-you for all of your help with my daughter. She is feeling so much better after following your recommendations and functional medicine plan.”

G.S. 7/12/19

“I am so thankful that I found Dr. Ciapponi. She worked closely with me to help determine what the sources of my inflammation were. I had suffered from severe ulcerative colitis and proctitis off and on for three years. I was being treated conventionally by my gastroenterologist but, I found Dr. Ciapponi and working from a Functional Medicine viewpoint, she diligently studied my lab test results and detailed history to help me determine my major causative agents for colitis. Then, she helped me develop a plan to maintain my colitis in remission. Since carefully  adhering to her plan, I have not had a flareup in almost 2 years. I am also weaning myself off of costly prescription drugs my gastroenterologist said I would have to take for the rest of my life. I sincerely value the professional relationship I have with Dr. Ciapponi. The value of having a physician that really spends one on one time talking and listening to you can’t be overestimated! I also appreciate her phone call follow ups to check in with me to see how I am doing. This is the way a doctor patient should relate! Thanks Dr. Ciapponi!”

W.J. Google revew. 1/20

“I am feeling SO much better after following your functional medicine plan and prescription for me. I haven’t been able to think this clearly in a very long time!”

D.C. email 5/1/19

I have concentrated on avoiding the things you have helped me identify were causing my issues and I feel blessed to have had your guidance. I am sleeping better and my anxienty is reduced and much easier to manage. I believe you have helped me to become as balanced as I can be so thank-you for all you have done for me!

S.K. email . 3/20/19

“Thanks to you, I am feeling much better. I appreciate your help and willingness to respond so quickly. I am grateful to have you in my life. It has made a lot of difference in many ways.”

J.F, 12/20/18

S.K. email . 3/20/19

“Thank-you, the testing that you recommended and the treatment plan has been very helpful. We have been able to reduce the amount of prescriptions my son has been taking for his health issues.”

K.K .  9//2018

“Dr. Ciapponi, alot of the recommendatons you gave me for my fibramylagia symtoms have helped where conventiional medicine has not.”

3/2018 verbal

“You really helped my friend with her fatigue and she has much more energy now, so I would like to schedule!”

1/2018 verbal.

I wanted to update you and THANK-YOU! Per your instruction, I have implemented your recommendations and have more energy, am less moody, am sleeping better and lost 15 lbs. I can’t thank-you enough for taking the time to sit down and encourage me down this path of optimal health. I am more grateful than you will ever know!

email  12/4/17 L.B

“I saw various specialists for my gastrointestinal issues and what helped the most was Dr. Ciapponi’s recommendations and acupuncture”

K.S. 11/2017

“I’ve learned so much in the last 2 months – I am feeling so much better. Noticed skin and mood is better, sleeping better and losing weight!”

11/2016, J.L.

It is a priveledge to meet a doctor who listens and works with you to resolve health concerns. Her recommendations have worked very well for me, and I value her medical training and help with my pursuit of wellness”

J.B. 9/16/2016

Dr. Ciapponi was very kind and empathetic to my medical problem, she listened to me without judgement an was able to prescribe treatment which really helped . I am so thankful…as I feel so much better. I would not hesitate recommending her to my friends and family .

S.B. 8/24/16

I wanted to give you a quick update since I followed your treatment plan.  For the first time in my life, I do not have any GI issues. It’s truly remarkable. It’s shocking because I didn’t know what that was like.I cannot thank you enough!.”

via email  1/23/15,  E.A.

Dr Ciapponi, You and I worked together on optimizing my health beginning in Spring, 2009Since we first met I have gotten off all prescription drugs. Equally rewarding is that I feel better than I have since I was a teenager with no lingering signs of my [illness]. It has been a rewarding and exciting journey and I feel so much better. Thanks more than words can express for being there as I started my journey to better health.  I just feel so terrific and so grateful I started my journey.

email dated 9/5/13