Frequently Asked Questions

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine includes conventional medicine, (medicine as you know it), with the addition of tools including testing and alternative therapies. It focuses on identifying the root cause and implementing nutrition, movement and mind and spirit. It utilizes the body’s innate wisdom of restoring the body to health. The focus is on wellness and not disease and sickness.

Why should I invest in my health and what is the value in working with you?

The truth is you are the one who has to advocate for your health; no one else will. Insurance companies and clinician goals are not necessarily yours. In order to change the direction of your health, you will need to invest time, effot and money into the life you want. Are you worth it – definitely!

Why can’t my regular clinician treat me and use my insurance?

Unfortunately, today’s medical system is driven by illness and disease. Clinicians are trained to look for illness and mostly treat with prescription drug therapy and surgery. Insurance allots most patients 15 minutes for visits. The question to ask is – do I feel I am getting the answers that I want and the results I desire? If not, this is why you have found us.

Do you treat acute illness?

No, conventional medicine is the appropriate place to be treated for a sore throat, chest pain or a broken arm. You will need to maintain a primary care provider for this reason. Our goal is to help you address ongoing chronic concerns and help return you to optimal health.

How much will this cost and what will I get?

You will be responsible for the cost of the initial evaluation which is tyically 1 1/2 hours with the doctor and follow-up visits which are 30 to 60 minutes. Payment is required at time of visit. Many patients utilize their HSA cards since high deductible insurance polices are most prevelant. You can submit to insurance for possible reimbursement if you out of network benefits

Lab tests may be covered under your insurance; however, this is your responsibility if it doesn’t. Special labs are typically not covered by insurance. Supplements are an additional cost to you.

Your first visit will be an introduction of learning about your health concerns and a plan will be discussed which may include further testing. The follow up visit will review the plan and test results which may be reevaluated and adjusted dependent on your needs. Future visits are periodic to review progress and adjust further, if necessary Most importantly you are in charge deciding what care you choose to pursue.